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Mystery House

Scrapbook entitled “Mystery House,” featuring 36 vintage postcards, seven vintage silver gelatin prints, and three offset printed leaflets. The 60-page album measures 23,5 x 34 cm, while its cover features a vertigo graphic painted in ink and white paint. The back features a question mark in silver cardboard and faux leather.
The Mystery Houses are roadside attractions that began appearing around 1930 in America. They consist of a number of interesting effects, created by gravity hill optical illusions, which the attractions’ proprietors insist are the result of paranormal properties in the area. Visitors can experience illusions that appear to bend the laws of physics. Balls and bottles roll uphill, visitors change height depending on where they stand, and a lopsided house changes the directions of the items inside.
The scrapbook contains a collection of documents from different famous spots including: The Oregon Vortex (Gold Hill, Oregon), Mystery Hill (Gatlinburg, Tennessee), The Mystery Spot (Saint Ignace, Michigan), Mystery Hill (Marblehead, Ohio), The Mystery Spot (Santa Cruz, California), Cosmos of the Black Hills (Rapid City), The Haunted Shack (Buena Park, California), House of the Mystery (Hungry Horse, Montana) and Magnetic Hill (Moncton, N.B.).