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« ceux qu’ils ont fait… »

French army album titled: “En territoire reconquis Ce qu’ils ont fait …” (In Recaptured Territory: What They Did…).
Published by the Section Photographique de l’Armée Française after World War I.
The cover image is a famous scene depicting the systematic destruction the German army left behind in France. We can see the town hall of the city of Peronne completely destroyed with a sign appearing in the ruins saying “Nicht ärgern, nur wundern!” (Don’t wonder, just admire.)
These photo albums were issued in very small numbers, to be sent to important figures in the French army and government.
The album features 44 vintage gelatin silver prints measuring 16 x 22,5 cm, and one 11 x 8 cm gelatin silver cover print.
The book is divided into five different chapters entitled “Villages ruinés” (Destroyed villages); “Arbres fruitiers coupés” (Cut fruit trees); “Églises détruites” (Destroyed churches); “Monuments historiques abattus” (Destroyed historical monuments); and “Cimetières profanés” (Profaned cemeteries).