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Miss Olympia Photo Album

Personal photo album of the Dutch female bodybuilding champion and former Ms. Olympia, Juliette Bergmann. The album measures 20,8 x 19,4 cm and includes 146 vintage color prints measuring 12,5 x 9 cm.
Born Nov. 30, 1958, Bergmann first won the Dutch National Championship in 1984. She was named champion again in 1985 and, later that year, qualified for the World Amateur Championship, where she achieved first place. At the end of 1985, she competed in her first Ms. Olympia, but did poorly, placing 14th. However, in 1986 she returned to form, winning the World Pro Bodybuilding Championship, placing second (by one point) in Ms. International, and sixth in Ms. Olympia. At the 1988 World Pro Championships, just an hour before the show, she was told she tested positive for drugs and was disqualified. After 1989, she decided to take a year off from competing and start again in 1991, but her plans changed when she suffered a badly broken ankle after an attack by a Doberman. She was not able to train seriously again for a couple of years. Since 1991, she has been a judge and secretary-treasurer for the N.B.B.F. (Dutch Bodybuilding and Fitness federation). In 2001, Bergmann returned to competition, after a 12-year absence. She entered the Ms. Olympia contest, took first place in the lightweight class, and then went on to defeat the heavyweight class winner, Iris Kyle, to win the overall title: the only time in history that a Ms. Olympia lightweight class winner has won the overall title. She went on to win the Ms. Olympia lightweight championships in 2002 and 2003, but lost the overall title to Lenda Murray both years.
Currently, Bergmann is the most successful Dutch bodybuilder in the world and the only Dutch bodybuilder to have won Ms. Olympia. From Oct. 26, 2001, to Feb. 28, 2003, she ranked first on the International Federation of Bodybuilding’s Women’s Professional Ranking. Bergmann has been cited as the “Grecian Ideal,” with biceps, calf and neck measurements that are similar to her waist and thigh measurements. In January 2009, she was inducted into the I.F.B.B. Hall of Fame. Since 2009, she has worked as I.F.B.B. president in the Netherlands, the director of I.F.B.B. Thailand, a member of the I.F.B.B. executive council, and chair of the European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.