The Fun Archaeology



Ernesto Molin

A collection of 8 Italian cardboards measuring 14,5x10cm, containing each 2 black and white pictures reproducing satirical folding cards. On the left side of the cards a picture of the cover is presented, while next to it the interior of the folded cardboard is shown. The 8 cream color cards are collected within one of these satirical folding cardboard measuring (16,8x11,7cm). On its cover we can see a hand made drawing of a skeleton descending the stairs and the title “Signor Ernesto Molin, Eremita e martire”, Italian for Mr. Ernesto moulin, hermit and martyr. The internal part of the folded cardboard shows on the left the writings “L’Orso nero della sacra”, Italian for The black bear from the sacred, while on the right part we can see the drawing of a black bear in chain in front of a sort of fortified building in a hill. The chain clamping the bears’s neck is transformed into words: “Sopraintendenza”, Italian for superintendence, dated Turin, 18th October 1938. Indeed on each folding cardboards the cover stands for the presentation of the character with the name and a particular satirical description which is then developed and illustrated in the interior of the cardboard in a funny way through a little text and drawings.