The Fun Archaeology



Jean Louis Moore

Black binder with 60 pages 31,5 x 26 cm, dated 1982-1985.Industrial photographer/hobby erotic portraits.Technical notebook of french industrial Photographer Jean-Louis Moore, presenting various shootings for different clients (Ford, Fiat, Jean Couturieur, Findus, Iveco, Volt, Lesieur, Cyble, Advance). The note book present polaroid test pictures together with Jean-Louis Moore pencil sketches of the different flash light settings he would create for his jobs.In-between those industrial corporate shoots, appears some erotic photo session with different models in his studio, including shots of famous french Porn actress from the 70’ and the 80’s Brigitte Lahaye best know for films like in 1977 « C’est la fête à mon cul » (Today is my ass birthday), «  arrête, tu me déchires » (stop it you are tearing up in pieces), in 1978 « Bordel SS » (The SS brothel), or in 1980 « Ta gueule, je t'aime! » (shut the fuck up, I love you!).