The Fun Archaeology




Erotic french photo model and porn amateur actress Véronique Vénuat working under the pseudonym « Nikou »3, Allee des Tourterelles, Lotissement des Billoux, 03310 Neris-les-BainsSince 10 years she’s taking photo’s proposing scenariosA letter handwritten in french by her: « Hey naughty!! Once again I want to thank you for your new request that I received with great pleasure. As you asked, here are 5 prints chosen specially for you. I hope it will please you and that the photographs i am sending you will give you a lot of fun. Our previous exchange dates back to November 2005. I’m a little disappointed to be left without any news, it’s been so long. I hope that this time you will not let me spend so many months waiting. Hope to hear from you, very big kisses, your naughty partner in crime ».3 flyers and 5 colour prints 30 x 40 cm inscribed and hand signed. dated 2010.