The Fun Archaeology



graphoanalysis test between mister Deviq and Miss G.

A 7 pages booklet, 19,5 x 13,5 cm, typewritted and noted with name and address of the service. Imprint of an angel.Established on the 5th of may 1955, the booklet try to analyse the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting of Mister Deviq and Miss G. in order to indicate psychological state of mind of the two protagonists. The test indicate that there might be a chance that the two protagonists may fall in love. A great artefact of pseudoscience.Letter G lowercase in graphology represents the inferior zone of handwriting, which provides information on the field of instincts. The topic of sexuality ... from the next letter. This indicates that we are before a reserved, cautious and shy personality when it comes to love exchange and expression of affection.